Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer of Creative chemistry wk 4

So this week I discovered one of my favorite scrapbooking stores is closing.  Like so many here in the valley I've lost most of the places I like to visit, create at and get inspiration from.  Luckily, with an hour drive, I still have the Occasional Artist  in Glendale .  But it is shocking to me that  ETC, as it is now known, is closing the store. Almost as shocking as when I found out that they had sold Bazzill. This did explain why they had gone from being the best stocked LSS in my area to me finding stuff I needed online. BTW,  so flippin grateful for Bluemoon in Tucson. This makes 4 for me: A Scrappers Dream (it truly was. I made great friends there), Ink it! (Loved being on their DT), Mystic Paper (loved the owners and the amazing classes)and now Scrapbooks,etc. I'm hoping that this encourages us to support our local mom and pop shops. Unfortunately,  my 'local' seems to be moving further away.

So aside from losing a familiar place I managed to get a little creative. Very little, having my left hand useless is driving me crazy. But I managed to do something I constantly put off. And
I do this all the time. Make a lot of things ,try out various techniques and then it all sits in a big pile to be discovered years later, untouched. Then I pull them out because they're pretty or an interesting color combination catches my eye and still do nothing with it. This time I decided I'm actually going to turn them into cards, at least. A few things have inspired other projects. So as I'm going through this weeks tags and papers before they are added to a pile i discover a few obvious cards. For some reason I felt a little masculine, it seems to me, with a lot of my creating this week but that is almost excusable since Father's day was not that long ago. Granted it means absolutely nothing to me but maybe subconsciously the whole spirit of the holiday snuck in. This means those cards will probably be going into a stack that will be made into gifts. I discovered that one of my most loved gifts to people is a stack of cards for just about anything that saves them time and the $5 +.  Whatever happened to the  $1.50 cards? It's a good thing for me. I like making them and I really like making people's lives a little easier.  I just found some of my older stamps, a lot of butterflies. I'm guessing next week will be pretty perky.

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