Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer of Creative Chemistry wk 2

I meant to do this yesterday but a sinus infection got the best of me.  Just in time for the beginning of week 3 because with my face swollen on one side I won't be venturing out this week.  Not even for a Sassy's cupcake. (Hoping I can guilt Reneé into going for me)
Anyway this last week of playing with inks and markers has been a blast for me. I pulled out some of my brand new old stamps.  The ones you just have to have and never use. I have a ton.  But this summer I am getting rid of the uninked stamp. If I can't find a reason to make something with it they will be looking for a new home by September.  Let me say, for the record, that there are a few exceptions.  For example: Tim Holtz stamps always a great idea waiting to be executed, women and womens faces are a must because I know that one day one of the females in my world will do or say something that one of these stamps will be able to sum up perfectly in a card or layout. And the final exceptions are word or quote stamps. They're words! For me it's like burning books- It'll never happen unless it's part of a really cool mixed media piece and I've already read it or have it on my Kindle.  Happy Scrapping until next week

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