Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer of Creative Chemistry wk 8

Right now I am missing my Phoenix Art Museum membership. I love going there just to sit in the midst of all the beauty and artwork and just soak up the color was amazing. As soon as I can afford it getting another membership ASAP. While I was there I went to the white shirt display,the white shirt according to me, Gianfranco Ferre`, and it was unbelievable. I took a ton of pictures, not sure what I was going to do with them, this week in Tim's creative chemistry class was perfect. While I have all these photos sitting there being pretty I really wanted to do something that summed up the experience. So a quick layout for one of my books and I'm sure there will be a mini book of all the other photos from that trip. While all the shirts naturally were white I decided to add a pop of color just to make it more me. There is one shirt I absolutely adored and took tons of pictures of that I really wanted to use but I've not found the perfect way to make it look like the fire it is in my head. Once I  play with it some more I will post that one.
On to a small rant. Why the hell aren't any of my alphabet stickers sticky? Is it too much to ask that a STICKER, a flippin' sticker, adhere to a surface! WTF? Rant over

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer of Creative Chemistry wk 7

I know that I should have posted this yesterday but life was interrupting all the plans I've  had for the past week. I did manage to play with my alcohol inks and complete a few projects I can't post. I don't like to share the things that I make for people before they've received them. Ruins the surprise. Some I like,some will be scrapped. This is the whole point of playing.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Still creating (SofCCwk6)

This week was a little different, creatively, for me. I allowed way too much physical stuff  to interfere with my process.  Usually I send pain and stress to back of my mind but the tyrant/teenager who seems to know everydamnthing and absolutely nothing made that difficult. So in honor of July 4th and the freedom October 19th will bring I did a @timholtz 12 tags and a journal page.

  I feel like this is what I've been doing with my memories for months, piecing out all the extra baggage and BS so I can preserve the important parts.  The love and the laughter,  reciprocated or not, I'm choosing to keep them.

  This is a border I did with the layering stencils.  You can't see the clear embossed layer in the  pic but it's the ruler  This turned out to be a good surprise.  I  picked up what I thought was a strip of blank manila cardstock and started inking to discover the image stamped in white.  So I went with it . I added stenciling in browns,tans and grays so you see different things from varying angles.  I added it to my Misc. journal where I play with new things and sketch and clear my head. I absolutely love the stripes stencil for adding guide lines for me. Because I write upside down if I don't have something to occasionally guide my writing when turned right side up it tends to go up. This is one of my favorite journals. I have killed a lot of ideas here and discovered even more.
Until next week,  happy crafting! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer of Creative Chemistry wk 5 session 2. I love Prince

I'm not late. This session ends on Fridays, thank goodness. So this week I've played around with a lot of the techniques because I love the distress paints. Love the versatility. But when it came time to actually make something I drew a blank in the beginning of the week. And it was a long, long week. I went 5 days with less than a total of 3 hours sleep so it made me a little edgy, cranky, anxious,  all out crazy. And during that time I listened to a lot of music because what else can you do when you can't sleep and can't focus enough to read. Sometimes it's really hard for me to organize a playlist. I have a lot of music and it's pretty eclectic. Every once in a while I will start to build a playlist but I usually lose steam after about an hour or so. So then I allow all my music to shuffle through and go through the headache of fast-forwarding through some of my meditation music or tribal music or Christmas songs. I know one day I will actually sit down and get my playlists together but i have a solid back up plan until that miracle happens. I have one complete playlist on every device. It's well thought out and there is never a moment when I wouldn't want to listen. My Prince playlist is flippin amazing. While some of you may click on an artist and listen I cannot do that with Prince.  I used to make it a point to make his music into a playlist because of the lovesexy CD but now the main reason is i have over 1,ooo tracks. And while I love,love, love his music I have a lot duplicates, some extended tracks, instrumentals and lovesexy. For those of you that have it, you understand, Prince recorded the album as a single track, a 45 minute track. If I'm running errands I have no problems listening to lovesexy but if I'm on the treadmill or at my scrap table or trying to create something the 45 minutes and can be a bit much, it forces you to listen to it, sing along to it and to really focus on it. So it's one of the ones I take off along with the 16 minute version of 'Adore'. Surprisingly I keep my 21 minute version of 'Crystal Ball' and at least 2 versions of 'I Hate U'. So while I was in the shower with my Prince playing it made me realize, all over again, just how much I'm going to miss Prince. The entire soundtrack of my life has always been done to Prince. The first song I ever sang poorly and butchered badly was the Prince song 'Why you wanna treat me so bad?' And I remember singing it in the garage in Oak Park, 22nd Ave/44th St., it was on the radio and catchy and my 5 year old brain translated it to "why you wanna drink my soda?"(my lyrics became a family joke) But I was a fan before I knew what a fan was. And while  my mom hated it, Bobby made sure I heard every song. Singing the 'Dirty Mind' album on the playground is apparently frowned upon by everyone but my big brother. Prince was playing when i got dressed for my first dance at Kerr. Prince was playing after I found out my sister passed.  He was screaming in the delivery room when I gave birth to ReneĆ©, 'the most beautiful girl in the world'. He was all I could bear to hear when my brother passed. The highs,lows and every single breath in between has been lived with Prince singing me through. When I purchased his last album I had no idea it would be his last album,the last compilation put together by the musical genius that was Prince Rogers Nelson. My heart aches. Hopefully, he's helping Bobby with the guitar from 'Dinner with Dolores' or 'Orgasm'. Rest in peace, Michelle ReneĆ©, Robert Marcellus and Prince Rogers.

Paisley Park is in your heart 
Sometimes it snows in April 
the journaling was done after days without sleep.  It reads
Ladybug- n. My kid, a wish come true, a miracle  abbrev. Bug
Had I known the name might trigger certain characteristics would she have a different nickname? Instead of flighty,on the prowl for temporary happiness maybe I should have called her 'pious workhorse'.