Thursday, July 14, 2016

Still creating (SofCCwk6)

This week was a little different, creatively, for me. I allowed way too much physical stuff  to interfere with my process.  Usually I send pain and stress to back of my mind but the tyrant/teenager who seems to know everydamnthing and absolutely nothing made that difficult. So in honor of July 4th and the freedom October 19th will bring I did a @timholtz 12 tags and a journal page.

  I feel like this is what I've been doing with my memories for months, piecing out all the extra baggage and BS so I can preserve the important parts.  The love and the laughter,  reciprocated or not, I'm choosing to keep them.

  This is a border I did with the layering stencils.  You can't see the clear embossed layer in the  pic but it's the ruler  This turned out to be a good surprise.  I  picked up what I thought was a strip of blank manila cardstock and started inking to discover the image stamped in white.  So I went with it . I added stenciling in browns,tans and grays so you see different things from varying angles.  I added it to my Misc. journal where I play with new things and sketch and clear my head. I absolutely love the stripes stencil for adding guide lines for me. Because I write upside down if I don't have something to occasionally guide my writing when turned right side up it tends to go up. This is one of my favorite journals. I have killed a lot of ideas here and discovered even more.
Until next week,  happy crafting!