Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer of Creative Chemistry wk 8

Right now I am missing my Phoenix Art Museum membership. I love going there just to sit in the midst of all the beauty and artwork and just soak up the color was amazing. As soon as I can afford it getting another membership ASAP. While I was there I went to the white shirt display,the white shirt according to me, Gianfranco Ferre`, and it was unbelievable. I took a ton of pictures, not sure what I was going to do with them, this week in Tim's creative chemistry class was perfect. While I have all these photos sitting there being pretty I really wanted to do something that summed up the experience. So a quick layout for one of my books and I'm sure there will be a mini book of all the other photos from that trip. While all the shirts naturally were white I decided to add a pop of color just to make it more me. There is one shirt I absolutely adored and took tons of pictures of that I really wanted to use but I've not found the perfect way to make it look like the fire it is in my head. Once I  play with it some more I will post that one.
On to a small rant. Why the hell aren't any of my alphabet stickers sticky? Is it too much to ask that a STICKER, a flippin' sticker, adhere to a surface! WTF? Rant over

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  1. Love your layout! I use a quilling precision needle nose bottle filled with Ranger Matte Multi Medium and put a couple of drops on the back over every sticker... because I got tired of finding them in the bottom of the page protector lol.