Thursday, August 11, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103

I'm not late. Creative chemistry 103 was a new class and not a refresher so there was a ton of techniques crammed into one week. And we had time to look over the videos and play with the techniques for the week. I tend to be a little slower than the average bear especially during monsoon season when the weather has way more effect on my health than I really want it to. This time I did something a little bit differently than I've done in past Tim classes. I played with several techniques on the tag or project instead of making the technique example tags. I know me so sometime in the near future I will go through all the classes again and make the tags as he did in the videos but for now I'm just going to go with what I did this round. Besides,my new craft sheet hasn't arrived yet and my current one is beat to hell. I've accidentally cut it twice now and electrical tape can only do so much. When the new one arrives I'll be able to cut this one down to a couple of project sheets. Waste not.

This tag was from day one. I used 4 of the DIY pads I made. I thought buying 6 would be more than enough but they are so much fun I need a few more. 
Another day 1 tag. Pulled out one of my older stamps. Day 2 and again I pulled older supplies.  7 gypsies and Heidi Swapp rub-ons. This is going on a 6x6 layout that has been sitting on my desk.
Day 2 and one of my Club Scrap stamps. They were my first kit club 17 years ago when I started scrapbooking. I was surrounded by 'flowers and bunnies' scrapbooks and supplies so between Club Scrap and Ranger I developed my style.
This will become a collage/mixed media piece inspired by a Prince song when I hear the right one. Majority of my mini canvases are done that way. Oh it's a day 4 tag.
I know most people won't get this tag, RenĂ©e didn't at all but it tickles me and will be put in an Arthat journal with an explanation.  This is a blend of days 2 and 3 except I used black embossing paste.
Another day 3 and I used Wendy Vecchi embossing paste which reacts differently than the one used in Time class. I  love both and when I made this it was for anow idea that had been on my mind. Now I'm not sure if i'll do it but I love the tag so I'm sure it will find another home. 
This one combines day 1 with day 3. I see it on a layout at some point. I used the kraft tag pad from Prima for a few of these. They are small but sturdy. 
There was a theme to my playing this class. Everything had a sense of freedom and movement.  I'm hoping it was my excitement at my bike finally being repaired coming through in my scraproom. 

I've enjoyed the weekly blogs. I didn't feel remotely pressured like last time I tried this. I'm going to commit to another 2 months and go from there. Thanks to all those that actually checked out my puttering and ramblings. Happy crafting. 

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