Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer of Creative Chemistry wk 3

So this week started out being all about creating for the summer of creative chemistry but ended with me being clumsy. So the projects I began I didn't get to finish so right now I have some really cute tags that are waiting for me too make them into something great. The day I planned on doing that was also the day I was determined to get back on the treadmill and ignore everything else that was going on. Mainly to catch up on my Somerset Studio magazines because that seems to be the only place I can really enjoy them and I'm 6 months behind. So after feeding my kitty cat I decided to head to the gym in my complex and almost made it down the stairs before I missed a step and fell down three concrete stairs. Still determined I took a minute, accepted the situation, brushed  myself off and  tried to stand up realizing my wrist didn't work. So took another approach on actually getting up and figured I'd let it rest and headed to the gym anyway. I get there and my key doesn't work on the gate but I am still determined so I find a maintenance guy get a new key made and go into the gym. On the treadmill I figure I can let the wrist rest because I won't need it to walk and I'll just do everything with my right hand. So after about 2 miles i fell into an  old habit and put both hands on the guardrail and screamed and scared the hell out of everybody that was by the pool and in the gym and anywhere near the office at 6:30 in the morning. Needless to say my wrist was a little worse off than I thought but I at least got two miles in and one magazine read. I came home  to shower and address my wrist  which is not easy to do with one hand  but I managed. I figured I would sit for awhile and ice it then head back into my craft room. That did not happen. It was more pain than I could think through and by 2 a.m. the next morning I realized it was not going to get better and I had possibly done way more damage than I thought at first. So I headed to the emergency room. And I hate hospitals, I hate hospitals with a passion and I usually refuse to go. Luckily, I just banged my back up pretty bad and my wrist was not broken. I did manage to sprain it pretty good with a possible tiny fracture but they didn't want to do an MRI on something that can heal itself and I agreed because I wanted to go home. So now I have a splint on my left arm and a brace on my right and I'm left-handed so that should make this week's creating very interesting.
* Oh for nurses especially those working the ER please look up Sickle Cell. It's scary how many I run across that admit to knowing nothing about it in this day and age.  I was used to it in UT but it still throws me for a loop to hear it in AZ.

Happy crafting
This week's blog was done using voice-text it's not perfect but it worked.

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