Friday, January 6, 2012


I know life isn't all about how many things you do, places you go, or people you meet but about the enjoyment you get from the little things. So why do I still beat myself up over how incredibly slow I am when I am making things. I am trying to finish my purse calendar for 2012 and I swore to myself I would keep it simple, quick and dirty and then on to the next project and it was all lies. My table is covered in 'must need' items and I am only 6 months in. Tonight I will hopefully finish and then my rant about stickers and rub-ons not having enough 1s and 2s to finish a calendar will be over and I can go back to the never enough Es.

It's time for me to embrace my slowness, celebrate the fact that a layout takes more than 3 hours for me, start to finish. I don't see how anyone does it faster when you factor in coloring and misting with drying and flattening time. Choosing fonts from stamps or Cricut and  having to hand cut when you can't die cut. Picking out papers and ribbons are the easy part! My sewing time is just as slow. Choosing a project, fabrics, the perfect coordinating fabrics and embellishments and the right play-list project. I find old school rap works better for purses and R&B with light pop when working without a pattern. You get the picture. I am just slow and way more high maintenance than I ever imagined myself to be. The up-side is my high expectations only apply to me.

I hate to be rushed, I like taking my time. I truly enjoy the process and since I am being honest with myself the chance of me speeding up just to clear my project checklist is as likely as me giving up Prince (never ever gonna happen). The clutter in my world stays it represents "the next thing". My hands work slower than my  brain, I pray my hands don't speed up and my brain never slows down.

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