Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Ideas

What happens to all the ideas and future projects that are swimming around my head if I die tomorrow? My calendar is finally finished and dropped into my bag and the layout that sat to the side of my desk for a while (months) has all the pieces glued down and I am looking at fresh pictures while mini book ideas invade my process along with things I can do to the many configurations stacked beneath my table. The reality is I always have ideas of things I want to try and papers I want to play with but time and circumstances often pull me away from creative fun time. Couple that with loads of self-doubt and it is very possible that I can leave this world without a trace of my creative chaos being left behind. There are times when I can't see a clear place to start and will pass the hours organizing and cleaning. I don't know if the thought of art undone scares anyone else the way it does me but I am looking to conquer that fear!

I think old age is making me neurotic I don't remember being this crazy when I was younger. There is something to be said about the fearlessness of youth. I wasn't as scared to try  new things as I was not to experience something/anything. I am going to start checking things off my mental list. One of the first things I am going to do is reach out to artistic people I admire and try to collaborate or challenge/inspire one another. Every time I flip through True Colors I am overwhelmed by the beauty and creativity and it makes me want to MAKE something.  So now I am off to do something, make something get an idea or two out of my head just in case I don't make it until tomorrow 
Here's a few of the finished layouts. I  really need to take a few pics of my pretty pretty calendar

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