Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have been saying for years I wanted to start a blog. I should have been taking lessons during that time. I feel completely clueless about how to get the look I want.  I know the actual look here will change over and over and one more 'gin but I'm going to do it anyway. I am going to quit waiting on my idea of perfect and start appreciating the 'right now'. And right now this is my blog.  now bigger and better things

   I have spent a lot of time holding back and haven't submitted a thing for years. I could say it's because my layouts and cards are not good enough but I honestly don't know anymore. I think I have developed an aversion to rejection that has spilled over to my creativity. And that sucks. I may not have been printed often or a sought-after designer but I used to put myself out there. That is my goal, create and submit and remember that as long as I love what I do the rest is just gravy.
   I have a stack of unfinished projects crying out for my attention and once I hit my table I will pretend to start on them. In reality something sparkly will catch my eye and I will start creating something totally different and new. If I had any true will power I would finish putting together Christmas gifts and get them boxed and shipped off. hahaha I made a funny
I have a layout I wanted to finish yesterday and went to cut a few things on my Cricut and my Gypsy decided it wouldn't connect. After trying it on both Cricuts and my PC I got the hint, it's not working. Luckily Cricut has amazing customer service so I am waiting on a new one again. The downside is all the cuts I pre-designed will be lost and I will have to do them over and attempt to remember what cartridges I used. The extremely patient rep at Provo Craft also told me that the Cricut craft room and Gypsy works both ways, you can save files from the craft room onto the Gypsy, I had thought it was Gypsy to the craft room only. See, you learn something new everyday.

Happy Crafting

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