Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's almost May!!??!

Where does the time go and must it get there so quickly?
I have been doing my challenges, finishing projects and staying creative. I started a very cool online workshop, 21 Secrets, and it is a blast. I am in my journals more and looking at things in a more creative inspiring way already. I believe this is a testament about how easy it is to get too comfortable in my surroundings. Once I have another photo editing program I will start sharing more. I know there are free programs out in the world but I am used to and comfortable with Photoshop Elements. And I like having something that is easy for me to understand without second guessing myself or screwing things up (a very blatant knock at my teenager). I have company this weekend so I am going to cut this short and enjoy the moments we have before she goes home.

Happy crafting

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